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Commissioned Artwork

ReUPit uses art, education, and science to address issues such as climate change and biodiversity.

"As an artist, I love the challenges of turning garbage into art that educates. I also love creating transformational environments through collaboration. Learning from scientists, oceanographers, and environmentalists has inspired my work for years. Collaborating with diverse groups such as Theme Parks, United Nations, Zoos, the US State Department, Aquariums, The Smithsonian, Universities, Museums, and Botanical Gardens has expanded my knowledge of how to create powerful educational art that has reached over 35 million people in person."

Commissioned artwork for public spaces


Single-Use Planet: Monsters for Hire

Educational Climate Change Artwork

Let dynamic art visualize your environmental messaging and spark positive change. Greedy Fossil Fuel Monsters and Plastic Nightmares dominate Nature and threaten the planet. Innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness are our only hope.

Commissioned artwork for public spaces

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