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Nicola grew up with two artists as parents. Nicola’s father, Craig Pozzi was a photographer and taught her how to look carefully at the world as well as how to use the elements and principles of design. Her mother, Angela Haseltine Pozzi, founder of  Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea, encouraged her abundant imagination and explorations of techniques and supplies. Nicola’s grandparents, Maury and Jim Haseltine were also artists and have their drawings, prints, and paintings in multiple museum collections


Nicola Bianca Pozzi

Inspired by the natural world

Nicola Bianca Pozzi’s hand-drawn designs reflect her unique imagination. Sometimes playful and other times poetic, she has always been a pen-to-paper artist. As a full-time artist, she spends hours of research and musings on the elements of the natural world with a strong commitment to the creative process, which guides her life.


Nicola continues the family tradition of hours in the art studio as she develops new ideas for designs and products for ReUPit.

Stay tuned as we make Eco-friendly irresistible with great design!

Nicola resides in Portland Oregon with her wonderful rescue dog, Mika, an adorable Husky.  When time allows she escapes to the Southern Oregon Coast to a small lake cabin in the woods and roams the forest trails and dunes for inspiration.
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