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Less Waste.


From Rubbish to Resource. Art with a Purpose.

ReUPit uses recycled and repurposed materials to create Irresistible Eco-friendly Sculptures, Wearable Art and Reusable products. We teach workshops and give presentations to inspire imagination and demonstrate how the power of art can create powerful change.

Angela Haseltine Pozzi

Founder and Former Lead Artist with Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea* has now created ReUPit: Less Waste. More Art. After 11 years of picking garbage up off the beach and making art, Angela has decided to go upstream and stop debris at its source: tackling household waste, factory discards, and overflowing landfills. Learn more.


Litterella & Boris the Nature Beast

Litteralla is riding her harnessed Nature Beast alerting us to how plastics are now dominating nature and litter is found everywhere. She is pleading with us to stop littering, yet she is made of it and collects it in her “litter box” as she rides her trapped Nature Beast. They are both riding towards the Land of Hope where everyone lives sustainably and the world is a better place.

Angela Haseltine Pozzi, 2022

Materials: 100% discarded and repurposed consumer waste 


Less Waste. More Art

At ReUPit we are always trying new ideas and using our wild imaginations. Sculptures, masks, jewelry, and beautiful drawings made into spectacular clothes and products. Crazy and adorable characters, spectacular new animals and flora and fauna of other worlds populate ReUPit. We hire great creative thinkers to help us along the way and partner with only the best companies to make our dreams your reality.  
Necklace-2 2.jpg

Ethical. Sustainable. Beautiful.

ReUPit uses ethically, sustainably sourced and discarded materials to create everything. Fabrics for bags and clothes are made from recycled bottles, and organically grown plants. Printed inks are sustainable and the labor is ethical. Jewelry from junked cars, beached plastics or factory. Discarded toys, tires, crashed bumpers, old shoes and dish spoons may turn into sculptures. The designs are always unique, the artistry amazing and craftsmanship superb.

Nicola Bianca Pozzi

As a full-time artist, Nicola spends hours of research and musings on the elements of the natural world with a strong commitment to the creative process, which guides her life. Her mother, Angela Haseltine Pozzi encouraged her abundant imagination and explorations of techniques and supplies.

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