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Our Team

Angela Haseltine Pozzi

The Founder and Former Lead Artist with Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea* has now created ReUPit: Less Waste. More Art. 

CEO, Creative Director, and Artist for ReUPit,  Angela has a long history of using discarded materials to create monumental and impressive works of art which also educate the public. Her work has been shown internationally in media and film and can be found in collections nationwide. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally at a variety of impressive institutions. As a child and throughout her adult life she has been intrigued with the beauty and tragedy of discarded objects. With ReUPit, she continues to harness her artistic knowledge to educate about how to save the earth from pollution. 

*Angela Haseltine Pozzi is no longer affiliated with Washed Ashore and  REUPit: Less Waste. More Art is a separate unaffiliated business. 

ReUPit CEO, Creative Director & Artist
Frank Rocco Bio.png
Frank Rocco
Marketing Director

Frank Rocco is the Marketing Director for ReUPit.  He was born in New York City, where he studied marketing, advertising, and music and worked at Manhattan advertising agencies as a creative writer, art director, and TV commercial producer. Later he moved to Europe and worked with McCann-Erickson Advertising in London, a major international ad agency where he wrote advertising for top global clients.

In Amsterdam, Frank launched “The Creative Handbook-Europe”, the first pan-European directory of advertising services that covered Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK.

In 1989, he became a Managing Partner at CCMR Marketing Communications, a full-service U.S. advertising agency based in New York whose clients included multi-national business organizations such as IBM, Berlitz, and Hitachi.

Frank moved to California in 2004 and was a marketing consultant for start-up Internet and software companies.

Most recently he was responsible for helping the Artula Institute for Arts and Environmental Education market its “Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea” traveling exhibit and educational programs to organizations in the U.S. and around the world.  

Frank is responsible for developing marketing programs for Reupit: Less Waste. More Art — both online and offline — particularly guiding the placement and application of the great artwork and products created by both Angela and Nicola Pozzi.

Nicola Bianca Pozzi
Nicola Bianca Pozzi’s hand-drawn designs reflect her unique imagination. Sometimes playful and other times poetic, she has always been a pen-to-paper artist.  As a full-time artist, she spends hours of research and musings on the elements of the natural world with a strong commitment to the creative process, which guides her life.

Nicola resides in Portland Oregon with her wonderful rescue dog, Mika, an adorable Husky.  When time allows she escapes to the Southern Oregon Coast to a small lake cabin in the woods and roams the forest trails and dunes for inspiration.
Laura J. Nutter
Art Assistant & Workshop Teacher
Laura was raised in the interior of Alaska near Fairbanks.  In 1995 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at UAF, and then used her drawing and painting skills to explore the natural wonders of her beautiful state. 

In 2008, she began designing and producing broken ceramic tile mosaic murals as a resident teaching artist in the schools of interior Alaska, creating many public art pieces alongside her students.  In 2014 she received an Interior Mayors’ Arts Advocate award for her work with marginalized students. Laura continued these varied and challenging contracts, as well as drawing and painting, until 2018, when she and her husband (and multiple pets!) moved to Bandon, OR. She is excited to continue expanding her art horizons with the team at ReUPit!
Daniel Adelman
Production Assistant

Danial Adelman has a long history of working with Angela and is very experienced cutting plastic into a variety of sculptural shapes and sizes.  He is lovingly known as the “Plastic Assassin” as he masterfully runs the bandsaw for ReUPit. He enjoys a variety of jobs as a Production Assistant including pounding metal cans, washing, drilling, and lots of hauling.

Daniel was born in Burbank California but feels most at home in the Pacific Northwest. He loves hiking and biking in the great outdoors and appreciates the beauty of Bandon’s beaches. When he is not outside with his dog Dominica he enjoys learning about computer science, playing video games, and reading scientific articles.

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